Equipment pieces (without charges, such as SSA for example) will now be able to be given "enchantment slots" by using a Crystal of Enchantment on them. Once an equipment piece has an enchantment slot on it, you will be able to use one of four types of enchantment crystals on the "slot." Each enchantment crystal type has a chance to give the "slot" an extra attribute to enhance the equipment piece even further than the default stats. The basic four crystal types are:

Absorb (Elemental Protection)
Skills (Sword/Club/Axe/Magic)
Regen (HP/Mana regen)
Misc (Speed/Critical Hit/Luck)

For example, if you use a "misc" crystal on an equipment piece's "slot" the server will roll between "Speed, Critical Hit, and Luck" for which attribute it will add. Then it will add a random value within a range (min, max) of that attribute and set it to the item.

Attributes set in "slots" can be removed with "Enchantment Removers" that can be obtained at the Tool Vendor NPC for a small price. 

One last thing to mention, there are 3 types of enchantment crystals: "Lesser" "Regular" and "Grand" - the type and color denote the range of the random attribute value it will add to the item. For example, a "Grand Enchantment Crystal (Absorb)" that rolls "Death Protection" may add between 3% - 6% protection; where a "Lesser Enchantment Crystal (Absorb)" that rolls "Death Protection" may add between 1% - 3% protection.


Every player will have a "Charms Bag" that is a virtual container (similar to Tibia's "purse slot") with 4 empty slots. Players can access the Charms Bag by saying !charms or clicking the icon to the right of the "Store" button.

Charms are the only items that can be placed in the Charms Bag. Charms can be found within the game at various different locations. Items that were previously decoration items, such as "Teddy Bear" have been made into charms. Charms often times provide stats, such as elemental protection. Charms currently are in place to help fine-tune your character for certain events, such as fighting other players or completing certain quests; in the future, they will likely serve a larger purpose. Charms so far, are overall for niche situations; but can be used generally in that you can, if you choose, always keep charms equipped that increase Luck.


At the end of a few quests, such as Fury Gate, Ferumbras Tower, Pillow Puzzle Quest (quests that can be completed to help other players / completed more than once) there is a new chest that can be opened once every 20 hours. The chest typically rewards the player with Cyntara Coin(s) and/or enchantment crystals.

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