Sammy | hello?
Sammy | i have proposition for you
Sammy | i'm moderator on roullette
Sammy | i can propose a 70% from jackpot win to u, and 30% to me
Sammy | i can give you admin panel acces , and you chose winner yourself
Sammy | but this dialog is confidential ok ?
LΞGΞND •: mhm
LΞGΞND •:  What's the cach?
Sammy | i mean we can snipe one big pot with good bet
Sammy | no catch
Sammy | i cant do it my self
Sammy | i'm staff
Sammy | if main admin check it he block my acces
Sammy | i just add some pplse once per day
Sammy | easy money for me
Sammy | if you need some proofs
Sammy | i can do it
LΞGΞND •: Okay. Then I will change my question. What can I possibly lose?
Sammy | you cant lost
Sammy | you will win with 100% chance but when you got jackpot items you give me 30%
LΞGΞND •: Okay
LΞGΞND •: But then I will need to bet something
Sammy | i can say who will win on rangom pot
Sammy | it's okey for proof ?
LΞGΞND •: Sure.
Sammy | yea sure you need bet
Sammy | i said we can snipe only one huge pot with good bet
Sammy | but you cant lose
LΞGΞND •: Sure, but I am not betting my Karambit/AWP's or other high tier stuff
Sammy | so i think we cant do that
Sammy | too small bet is suspicious
Sammy | if main admin check it he block my acces and we cant do it again
LΞGΞND •: Then good riddance. Iam not risking my expensive stuff to some "promise"-
Sammy | we can just snipe one good pot with good bet
Sammy | i mean 700-800$ pot
Sammy | i said i can prove you cant lose
Sammy | it's risky only for my acces
LΞGΞND •: right?
Sammy | yea
Sammy | check this pot
Sammy | i will say who win
Sammy | sheep winner on this pot
Sammy | so he won
LΞGΞND •: I have a friend that might also be interested in this
Sammy | you can ask him if you want
Sammy | so you not interested ?
LΞGΞND •: I am yeah, talking to my friend
Sammy | so talk him add me if he interested
LΞGΞND •: Yeah he is
LΞGΞND •: His team id is isus104
LΞGΞND •: Steam*
Sammy | ?
Sammy | it's not your friend
LΞGΞND •: His Steam name is Towelie
LΞGΞND •: I have him on his smurf
LΞGΞND •: Zorex
Sammy | so okey i added him
Sammy | why he not accept
LΞGΞND •: No idea
Sammy | so i think i just wasting my time, i will find someone else
Sammy | good luck sir
LΞGΞND •: He is online now
Sammy | i see
Sammy | but he didnt add me
LΞGΞND •: I told him to accept you
Sammy | okey
LΞGΞND •: He said he got a few friend requests, so he didn't know which one wa you
LΞGΞND •: He accepted now he says
Sammy | yea i see
Sammy | i checked his inventory
Sammy | he dont have nothing for bet
LΞGΞND •: He must have moved it to his Zorex smurf
Sammy | but zorex dont nothing too
LΞGΞND •: Lemme check
LΞGΞND •: lol yeha, he aint got shit anymore >_>
Sammy | so no problem
Sammy | i will find someone else then
Sammy | if you not interested
LΞGΞND •: I never said I wasn't though
Sammy | if you care about your skins
Sammy | i can give you admin panel acces
Sammy | and your chose winner your self
Sammy | then we snipe one pot
LΞGΞND •: Okay
Sammy |
Sammy | 315920 password
Sammy | you need set winner window
Sammy | see it ?
Sammy | ?
LΞGΞND •: One sec
LΞGΞND •: lookin
Sammy | so did you see set winner window on admin panel ?
LΞGΞND •: I see it, how do I use it
Sammy | put your steam64id and trade offer link and save it
Sammy | you can see your profile setted to winner
Sammy | then go on site and wait big pot
Sammy |
Sammy | 76561198049175184
Sammy | this your steam64id
LΞGΞND •: ok
LΞGΞND •: but
LΞGΞND •: It says it needs tradelink too?
Sammy | yea , how bots send you items when you won
Sammy | you can set winner withount trade offer link
Sammy | but when you won need put it
Sammy | or you cant got jackpot items
LΞGΞND •: ok
LΞGΞND •: So I need it before or after thne?
LΞGΞND •: to get items
Sammy | you need just save it and wait big pot
Sammy | when you go in you will win with 100% chance
Sammy | 393$ in pot already
Sammy | just be ready make good bet when in pot be 500$ +
Sammy | 632 in pot
Sammy | make it now
LΞGΞND •: It won't show my inventory, so I can't bet
Sammy | you can just click deposit items
Sammy | green button
Sammy | but too late i think we missing it
LΞGΞND •: The guy I put to win didn't win
Sammy | what do you mean
Sammy | i'm setted your profile to winner
Sammy | and why you chose try chose someome to win ?
Sammy | i said it's big risky for my acces
LΞGΞND •: You said I could try
Sammy | we can just snipe on good pot
Sammy | 925$ in pot already
Sammy | make good bet on this pot
Sammy | why you not betting
LΞGΞND •: I am having trouble with phone
Sammy | oh
Sammy | say me when you be ready
Sammy | i'm setted your profile to winner
LΞGΞND •: I need to confirm via phone, but I have no wifi in my house. I need to go to the neighbor real quick to confirm, ok?
Sammy | huh
Sammy | okey be faster
Sammy | but it's some strange
LΞGΞND •: ok I sent trade offer
LΞGΞND •: but nothing happens
Sammy | what ?
Sammy | bots accepted items ?
Sammy | i cant see your bet
LΞGΞND •: It hasn't done that yet
Sammy | wait
Sammy | i cant see your bet
LΞGΞND •: Yes because the bot hasn't accepted
LΞGΞND •: my items in trade
Sammy | i mean i just didnt have your profile in logs
Sammy | cant see
Sammy | 603$ in pot
LΞGΞND •: Wird
Sammy | just make good bet now
LΞGΞND •: it should be there
LΞGΞND •: but what does that have to do with anything?
Sammy | what do you mean
Sammy | i cant undestand you
LΞGΞND •: I mean I sent my items to bot
Sammy | you just didnt bet sir
LΞGΞND •: To deposit
LΞGΞND •: But nohting happens
Sammy | which items and which account
Sammy | maybe you just did small bet
Sammy | just i cant see bets from your profile
LΞGΞND •: It doesn't have anything to do with bets
LΞGΞND •: I can't bet yet
Sammy | minimal bet 10$ maximum 10 skins
LΞGΞND •: But I can't bet yet
Sammy | what problem ?
LΞGΞND •: With the bot
LΞGΞND •: to get my items
Sammy | if bots decline your offer then you made small bet
LΞGΞND •: No it didn't deline
Sammy | bots autodecline all offer <10$
Sammy | it's cant be sir
Sammy | if you make bet you will be go in pot when bots accept offer
LΞGΞND •: It is
Sammy | give me screenshot please
LΞGΞND •: ok
LΞGΞND •: screenshot of what
Sammy | trade offer whic bots not accept and not decline
LΞGΞND •: *( Real image before inspect element )*
Sammy | it's cant be sir
Sammy | just try again
Sammy | and it's sats declined
Sammy | maybe it's just you decline offer
LΞGΞND •: Then it'd say I aborted, but it got declined
Sammy | just man i cant see your profile on logs ppls who bet
Sammy | just wait next big pot then make it again
LΞGΞND •: ok I try agani
LΞGΞND •: still not working
LΞGΞND •: *( Real image before inspect element )*
Sammy | are you just kidding me
Sammy | you just make offer and decline it
Sammy | why you do that ?
LΞGΞND •: I didn't
LΞGΞND •: Why would I do that
Sammy | idk sir
Sammy | but i'm not stupid
Sammy | if you make this bet
Sammy | bots cant decline it
Sammy | it's just decline small offer and souvenir items
LΞGΞND •: idk what happen
Sammy | you just try kidding me and i know it
Sammy | but idk why
Sammy | why you just wasting my time when can earn
LΞGΞND •: you are wasting my time with this
LΞGΞND •: I send trade
LΞGΞND •: nothing happens
Sammy | i think you just don accepted this trade on mobile phone
LΞGΞND •: Then it would be pending
Sammy | how you can accept it if you dont go online from phone
LΞGΞND •: This is what happens when I don't confirm on phone
LΞGΞND •: Has this happend before?
Sammy | so man you just wasting my time
Sammy | idk why you try trolling me
LΞGΞND •: it's not working its not my fault
LΞGΞND •: how long has his site been doing this? Has it happend before? can the main admin do something about the bot?
Sammy | man stop it please
Sammy | try make offer just with knife
Sammy | idk maybe it's your awp
Sammy | but i'm sute about 99% you just kidding me
Sammy | and just sent offer without confirm and decline it
LΞGΞND •: ok
Sammy | wut why are you that...
Sammy | 376$ already
Sammy | try make it now
LΞGΞND •: *(Real image:*
Sammy | ...
Sammy | okey nvm sir
Sammy | i will find someone else
LΞGΞND •: Hang on I think I might know why
Sammy | so
LΞGΞND •: because I am logged in with a diff account on web browser
Sammy | idk
Sammy | maybe
LΞGΞND •: yeah might be
LΞGΞND •: let me try change
Sammy | 417 in pot already
Sammy | make it now
Sammy | so
LΞGΞND •: i tried twice now
LΞGΞND •: still same
Sammy | no sir you just trolling me
Sammy | all players can bets
Sammy | and you cant ?
LΞGΞND •: Maybe because they're also fake bots. Site was registered yesterday after all :^)
Sammy | i dont care
Sammy | i know you troilling me
Sammy | i'm said it much times
Sammy | xD
LΞGΞND •: How many have you scammed so far? :p
Sammy | too much
Sammy | xD
LΞGΞND •: HAhahaha
LΞGΞND •: You don't keep the items on your pofile I see
LΞGΞND •: profile*
Sammy | yea

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