client issues - certainly the biggest problem cyntara has right now
	- game screen can just glitch out like - this happened to multiple people during ferumbras yesterday
	- client performance is horrible
		- dragging windows such as backpacks around will make the client stutter
		- stuttering will start to occur after some client uptime
		- after some client uptime, performance will eventually degrade so much you can't push past 60 FPS anymore with high-end hardware
	- names that are too long get cut off in the battle list and make pvp navigation hard
	- no option to rebind the "attack next target" action (press space with disabled chat)
		- to make it more annoying, there's a bug where when you change the item amount of a stack and press enter, it will re-enable your chat and pressing space does nothing
	- the "attack next target" action sometimes bugs out and doesn't attack the next target anymore, you have to disable and re-enable your battle list filter to make it work again
	- battle list needs a filter to hide guild members, this is important in PvP
	- can't rearrange the action bar by dragging stuff around, you have to remove & remake the entire action
	- can't change the destination of an item in the looter without removing and re-adding the whole item (adding the item a 2nd time should overwrite the old entry with the new destination too, right now it does nothing so you're stuck with having to delete the entry and add it again)
	- there is no option to ignore players permanently
	- window positions are getting messed up after every client restart, extremely annoying

ghazbaran always dropping 50cc as loot, while ferumbras only drops 25cc while being harder + rarer

dungeons being unbalanced between each other - tomb of anubis, battlefields of glory, murky cavern & site of eruption feel alot harder than all other dungeons

relogging should aboslutely not cause you to lose your active experience bonus, such as an exp fish - i had to relog earlier due to a client bug, to make myself be able to walk again and i lost my exp fish during my hunting session -

sorcerer artifact spells being useless
	- the target zapping should pick back up alot faster, when there's no target on screen it takes way too long to start zapping again
	- the PvE buff is too short / cooldown way too long

loot of mutated toads is absolutely non-existant, it literally costs me about 2kk per hour to hunt that spawn, and then heztix tells me "some monsters have better exp, others have better loot. give or take." - he also said it's designed to be a team hunt spawn, but meanwhile i'm walking through the spawn with my UE, it's pretty apparent there's no actual testing being done anywhere

events need better rewards, right now you're literally hoping for events NOT to start because you get more out of it - additionally the 2nd festive addon is only awarded on solo wins (so basically the only event you can get it from is Infected)

the addon item treasure hoarders drop outdated addon items

serpent spawns still have a ton of map bugs all over the spawn, especially the walls, even after i reported it to you a year ago, and then again to silence who said he never got it passed onto him, a week ago - today the server restarted with an updated map and nothing was done about it

serpent spawns are also completely skipped in the mage hunting progression - where did the message about them being weak to energy go? (when entering the spawn), you might as well just make them a regular mage monster and make them huntable with SD runes, because right now nobody hunts them because it feels awkward

vampire bosses need to spawn more frequently, culex demands too many tokens for the current frequency

mad mage spawn has an outdated message when entering the spawn, the message says level 1000 but the level requirement is 900

flying books should be expanded, the spawn feels too small

mutated toads should be slightly expanded, the spawn feels maxed out if there's 3 people inside of it, but that could be said about many other spawns - if you don't have many spawns to choose from, at least their size should be sufficient

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